About Us

Diamond Apparel
 1164 Cherry Hill Rd
 Mocksville NC 27028

Diamond Apparel is a family-owned and operated business located in beautiful North Carolina, heart of the American textile industry. Excellence in design, production and service is the standard at Diamond Apparel. Our mission is to provide the consumer with finest knit golf shirts possible - made entirely in the USA at a competitive price.

We don't just sell shirts, we make them. Our shirts are All American beginning with the farms of the Southwest that produce Supima® cotton, the world's finest. The Supima® cotton is spun into yarn in Jefferson, GA and then delivered to our facilities in North Carolina. We have the finest American knitters working hard to construct our fabrics with the superior quality and attention to detail that our customers have come to expect. We receive the fabric at our manufacturing facility in Advance, NC, just west of Winston-Salem. We do all of the manufacturing with extreme care given to every detail. We are certain you will find our Diamond Golf Shirts to be one of the most comfortable, durable, and easy to care for shirts you will ever wear.

What Makes Diamond Apparel Special
Simply stated, Supima® cotton is the finest in the world. Supima® premium cotton is grown only in the American Southwest and represents just 2% of the US cotton production. This rare fiber can be spun into longer, finer, and stronger yarns. This yarn can be knitted into softer, silkier and more durable fabric resulting in the highest quality golf shirt with a feel you will love to wear.

Custom Shirts
We are a small, hands-on, company that welcomes the opportunity to do custom tailoring. Whether you like your sleeves a certain length or you desire a total custom shirt - let us be your shirt maker! Provide us with a few measurements and we will custom make your shirts that will fit and look just the way you desire. Call us toll free at 866-578-9708 to receive your custom shirt quote that you will like just as much as you like our custom shirts.

No-Curl Collar
Our premium shirts are constructed with a no-curl collar that will keep your collar looking as great as the first day you wore it. This feature became so popular that is now standard on all of our shirts.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, you may return your shirt for a full refund.

Prompt, Courteous Service
All shirts will be shipped within one business day from receipt of order and approval. We ship by Priority Mail and you should receive your order within three days of shipment even on the West Coast. We will keep you informed by email about the status of your order.